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    Tuesday, March 19, 2013


    Last week's post (A Gift for Vagina Owners & Vagina Visitors) resulted in many interesting comments which I am sharing below, without names of course. It also resulted in much silence. We've got a long way to go, baby.
    Dear Mindy,
    A great She So Funny.  Into the light!  Of course!  And the video was wonderful.  Will forward...awesome.

    Love to you,

    (in a later email from the same writer)

    and my vagina thanks you!

    Mindy, you rock!  You speak up on behalf of all us vagina owners.  Here's to all us fierce vagina owners!

    go girl!!!

    AMAZING Article if I was female I would have cried.  But am a man, loved the gay bathroom story ending Aww! I wish you didn't attach that clip with the vagina drawing.  I mean it’s been awhile since you know...LOL Thanks for sharing

    I bookmarked it on my phone for future ref   #VagTime:-)

    my vagina is your best friend!

    Thank you so much for the "education" Mindy!  I liked the way she drew it to "The Flight of the Bumblebee" music, and as she drew it, it seemed to start out as a caricature of a one eyed penguin, and then morphed into that wonderful bloom that we all know and love.  It's too bad that so many people have no idea where to get an instruction manual.....or listen.

    Saints preserve us.  I am still recovering from reconstructed vagina.  Does male genitalia get equal time?  Please say no.  Don't take it wrong, but I'm not sure what the purpose of the video is.  Maybe some things are better not so specific?
    I read your work. You write well.
    I watched the video... you might be impressed that I knew all of that (thanks to my ex wife.. a medical student and model)... it was fun and cute!!

    8,000 nerve endings indeed!  Betty has been preaching for a long time.  Hopefully not mostly to the choir.  Thanks Mindy!

    remind me never to tell you about certain nerve endings...

    Well, Mindy- you certainly raised some stimulating conversation, lol!

    Thanks for the artful biology lesson Mindy. I really enjoyed it. I hope we get to see you soon.

    your blogs are very ...human, and rich with humanity.  and that very coy, yet sly humor that you do so well.  i love this.….
    WOW, now I totally understand why most intense orgasms have been clitoris to clitoris. I was confused because I literally felt like I was having a full blown erection. I always attributed it to having a large clitoris (a true, but now I KNOW!!! Woohoo.

    You and I are quite similar. If it needs to be said, IT NEEDS TO BE SAID. To hell w/what the oppressors might think. Yes there are consequences when you shout out THE EMPEROR IS NAKED and he has a tiny dick too!

    Thanks for sharing in sooooo many ways. Love you!

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    1. RHC said...

      I wish VERY early on - starting as early as kindergarden - that somebody, anybody had been "specific" with non - biased explanations and clarity about age apropriate reproduction/human sexuality information and my right to safely practice and to know and own my total self.

    2. Mary said...

      I was traveling last week and missed both these blogs (original and comments). I did take my vagina and clit with me, and after a brief discussion this morning, we all agreed that this topic was the best EVER. The great thing about entertainment content is that you can CHOOSE to read/participate, or not. So to the reader that wants the saints to preserve her, I understand and offer respect and the simple advice to be more selective in your entertainment choices. Me? I on the lookout for the tits episode.

    3. Rhonda, I wish I had been my own first lover. As sinful as everything was presented, I felt that was a huge sin. It somehow seemed less wrong to let the first be someone other than me. Crazy. When Pres. Clinton hired a surgeon general who talked about teaching girls to satisfy themselves (no diseases, no unwanted pregnancies), and then she was "Christianed" on outta her post. It is shameful. She was exactly on the money. But many would like to pretend that only males have a sex drive and have a right to it.

      Mary, in all fairness, the person who was very uncomfortable with the video is a he and an older than me he. He basically read the blog and watched the video out of friendship. He is open in so many ways, so it was difficult for me to understand his reaction. He's heterosexual as far as anyone is. He was genuine and not intentionally insulting. We talked as he is someone from my off-line life. I told him some things about the powerful negative message being sent when we can't talk about, name, or look at our vaginas. I assured him that men already had all the dick time they need and more, and I won't be examining peni in my blog. By the end of the conversation, he wanted to get a copy of Ensler's Vagina Monologues.

      Thanks for reading, and in the future, I will be writing about the hysteria over mammary glands. lol

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