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  1. By Samantha DeRose

    Apparently Friday was International Women's Day, so in honor of said day, here's how we celebrated!

    While you may be thinking that I had drastic surgery, I assure you, the above photo is the ad for soy sauce (duh!) that was hanging in Crystal Nails where we had our pedicures!!!

    Yep.  We Three Women (hear us ROAR!) had ourselves some fabulous footwork done.   Three fancy ladies of leisure out for a day of purty.

    My neighbor to my right... I have to admire A) A woman comfortable enough with her femininity not to shave or B) A man comfortable enough with masculinity to have a pedicure.  You decide.

    Either way I do have a bit of a problem with foot shavings from anyone.  It's like the Ped-Egg commercial...only in person.

    Comparatively speaking, my pedi-person didn't have it so bad.  Admittedly, I took care of business prior to my appointment because I am so insecure that I imagine that the conversation in about how nasty my feet are when my Pedi-people speak to one another in their native tongue.  This is why I'd much rather have a fish pedicure, though I do feel bad for any fish that has to live off of foot shavings.

    If you ever want to know what it feels like to be a marinaded chicken cutlet, let me tell you, it's divine!

    Don't judge!  Both rulings, Plaintiff.   When I asked my Pedi-person if she was a Judge Judy fan, she smiled, nodded, and asked, "Too hot?"

    "Judge Judy?  Oh.  Water temperature.  No.  Just right."

    Nothing like abrasive mint green slime to make a gal feel beautiful!

    and that awkward moment when I thought my toes were poking into the cushiony foot rest...

     The finale!

    I hope you've enjoyed my pedicure photo journey.

    Pamper yourselves, kids!

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Ha ha feel sorry for a fish that has to live off foot shavings! I never thought of it like that.

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