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  1. Time to Change

    Monday, December 10, 2012

    By Samantha DeRose

    It's Sunday night (Monday for you, my friend...HA!  For once, I'm on time!) and that only means two things.  Dexter's on tonight and I actually have to change out of the clothes that I've been wearing for three days tomorrow.

    Oh.  It means one more thing.  I have a cold again and I can barely read the screen.

    In the news, people in Washington state are celebrating the end of marijuana prohibition and are now too stoned to care that their gay neighbors are allowed to get married.  So congratulations, Adam & Steve,  congratulations Jane & Jane.  Reception's at 4:20.

    from Huff Post

    In religious news, it's Hanukkah and I think I've spelled it properly.  L'Chaim to my cousins, friends, and strangers from this here gentile gentlewoman.

    also Huff Post

    I'll never forget when this song came out...

    I must plug a show I'm happy to be a part of...
    December 19, 6pm @ The Greenwich Village Comedy Club... Judy Gold headlines... this is also a toys for tots drive, so stop on by with a new, unwrapped toy & laugh for a good claus I mean cause ;)

    Oh SNaP!  I can't believe what just happened on Dexter!

    Good night, y'all.  Next week, some holiday hijinks memories that I'm way too tired and sniffly to type out.

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    1. The video was cute. Hope you feel better soon.

    2. RHC said...

      Feel better. If I don't make it by the show tell Judy Gold she was great at the Comics w Benefits & Rhonda says hi!

    3. RHC said...

      I guess it's a good thing we 7 never all meet together in person, we'd never get well...

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