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  1. RiRi & Chris by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, December 13, 2012

     Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together and arguing again!?  Who knew?  Well actually, you, me and Stevie Wonder all saw this coming

    Domestic violence is no joke. I saw my sister’s father (I could never even for the short - but not short enough -time he was in my home, bring myself to call that thing, my step-father) I saw him assault my mother and pursue her down the street and over fences to continue pummeling her, the semi-nude mother of his toddler daughter.  Lucky me, the image of that real life experience comes to mind whenever domestic violence is the topic.  

    So when Chris gave RiRi that first black eye beat down I was outraged with a feminist fury. 

     I spent weeks in total solidarity with Rihanna my sister, said with an upraised fist and pronounced: sistah!    


    Total solidarity, until she went back to him...
                                               …and I wanted to smack some sense into her myself! 
    I wanted to turn all that feminist outrage on her - for five whole minutes.
    And then it hit me.  A Chris Brown vs Rihanna violent public outburst is their obligatory preamble to some crazy, explosive make-up sex.  

    They are in that stellar stratosphere where candy 

                 and flowers just won’t do.     

    A fist to the face, a police report, “leaked” photos, headlines on the national front page and several weeks the lead on TMZ  is what Chris and RiRi need to get that big O off just right.  

    All their yelling and punching is lovers’ foreplay and if he ever kicks her ass again I will mind my own beeswax. 

    Rhonda Hansome
    8 PM Show Fri. Dec. 14th
              Broadway Comedy Club
            318 W. 53rd St. NYC


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    1. Anonymous said...

      I don't understand how women go back to men that do this to them, especially in a case like this, where she has enough money to do get out. I guess they need the publicity.

    2. I won't speak on the particulars of Rihanna as I don't know her, but I will say that for many people who return to bad situations, it is a struggle like getting off of cigarettes, junk food, drugs, etc. We fall. We have to get back up and ignore all the people who are mad at us for not "snapping out of it." The shame gets more like when we fail on a diet or quitting smoking. Hopefully, the next attempt is more successful. I also know the other view where one is the friend watching and feeling used as a shoulder to cry on until the person returns to the problem situation and you just want to scream. It isn't so different than drug addiction. Having money is good but it doesn't free one of addiction. I agree, Lisa, that from the outside, it seems hard to understand. Rhonda, obviously having an abusive person in your life was not what felt "normal" to you and your household. But for many who only know that as "home," well sadly, it feels like "home."

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