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  1. Hey, we're still alive
    That means I have to buy gifts
    For all the bitches

    Basically, this peom reflects upon the frailty of life and the underlying fear that the planet earth was going to emplode in flames brought on by the devel and Mrs. Christ, you get my drift? Thought 'Jesus' was a dude? Well you're an idiot. And then it takes you on a journey of the realization that, in fact, our bodies are all still in tact and we experience an initial sense of joy that swiftly transforms into rage beacause now we need to buy Aunt Carol that Red Lobster gift card and Uncle Jeff that gay fleece blanket from JC Penney's and I should probably get some shit for my parents new dog or else I'm a horrible person. Great, now I need to travel to dutch country for 7 days and eat potatoe cheese puffs for a year and feel bad about myself. This is basically what I was trying to communicate in the poem I just wrote that you read. You would think I'm on some sort of substanct right now, but nope. Pure brain power. Should have been in the special classes in elementary school, parents missed that boat. Thanks mom and dad.

    Have a great holiday (Christmas) eveeryone (Christians)!!!!

    PS, when you google image search "drunk christmas holocaust" the above image is what you get. Pretty kewl.


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    1. Well glad to know that you are still alive after all that mess hahaha. Well wishing you a very happy Christmas. Have a great one.

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