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  1. I'm taking a break from the "Amy Loves" series to discuss my life mantra.  A while ago, I decided that I didn't care what other people thought of me and chose to live my life the way that I wanted to.  I no longer have a filter...and yes, that gets me in trouble.  I swear if I want...wherever I want.  I sing at the top of my lungs whenever there is music on (assuming that I know the words to the song).  I dance like I'm having convulsions and don't care who is around.   I talk to strangers like I've known them my entire life...sometimes I run my fingers through their hair.  Pretty much, like I said, I don't give a fuck.  Who knows how long my life is going to last and I don't want to be confined by rules.

    I'm addressing this because I was at a wedding this past weekend and was told by an older couple that my language them.  I think that I said something like, "we brought that shit all the way from Jersey, you better use it!!" (referring to a mic attached to an amp to be used for wedding toasts).  At a different wedding (years ago), I got drunk and dropped a toddler on her head when I was dancing with her.  At my own wedding, I told everyone there to fuck off.  Weddings are, I guess, my "good" behavior kryptonite.

    I don't care who I offend.  I  never mean any, in my eyes, if someone has a problem with me, it is their problem.  I've worked on my shit.  Accept me the way I am, or don't accept me at all.  I don't give a fuck. 

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    1. now it is time for you to stand in the fucking corner and think about how good the soap will taste in your mouth, young lady!

      i lack filter sometimes too but in a different way. i too get into trouble but i do care who i offend; it just may not outweigh the importance of saying what i have to say.

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