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  1. Indulge Me... (My "She So Funny" Fantasy)

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    We meet a couple of times a year and discuss group goals, make decisions, take on tasks, and eat together.  Someone takes some sort of minutes of the meeting.  If motivated, we do a pot luck and bring dishes to one of our apartments; if not, we eat out.


    We perform together to roaring audiences.  Not necessarily all of us in one show though sometimes all of us.  The She So Funny alumni and guest bloggers make appearances as well.  We are fantastic, and people want our cards to book us for paid work as a group for all kinds of parties and events.
    Our name is catchy and clever.  So of course our t-shirts and tank tops with the name on the front and website address on the back sell in abundance after each show.  It is common to see people wearing our shirts in a variety of colors.
    We send out press releases.  People read about us in Time Out New York and local papers, and we draw larger crowds each time we perform together.  We are contacted to be interviewed on The View, Comics Unleashed, and various other shows.

    Our She So Funny calendar fills with our group shows.  We even do tri-state area mini road trips.  We blog about the trips from all of our different points of view.  The blog is sponsored by women’s studies programs, comedy clubs, and retailers.  We have cash flow from the blog.                 

    We are contacted about a book deal.  They want to make a collection of selected writings from the She So Funny blog.                                                          

    The reviews are in.  We are sizzling!     

    Aaaahhh.  That was good. 

  2. 6 comments:

    1. Amy said...

      This is an awesome wish!

    2. A lot of it is creative visualization -- the parts we can do (it isn't science fiction like wishing for 2 heads). Of course the responses from the outer world is the fantasy part, but again not science fiction. We need a collective desire. From there, much is possible.

    3. Robin Fox said...

      This is great. Wishing and visualizing nothing but all this to come true for you!

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