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  1. Amy Loves Investigation Discovery

    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    Investigation Discovery is the Discovery network's murder mystery channel.  I am incredibly grateful for ID because I watch a SHIT TON of murder shows. 

    Yesterday, I watched approximately 8 hours of ID.  A few of the shows I had seen previously, but sat through them anyway.  I probably have seen every episode of every show *at least* once.

    Here is a list of the amazingly titled shows:
    • "Happily Never After" - hosted by Susan Lucci 
    • "Who the *&$@ did I marry?"
    • "Deadly Women"
    • "Very Bad Men"
    • "I Married a Mobster"
    • "Scorned: Love Kills"
    • "Deadly Affairs"
    • "Sins & Secrets"
    • "Behind Mansion Walls"
    ....and the list goes on and on and on and on.....

    These shows are AMAZE-BALLS, yet none are nominated for an Emmy.  I mean, the acting alone, is worth a second look from the Emmy committee. I think that ID rotates the same group of actors for each show...and, wow, that's some great acting.  Oh, and the hair and make up folks...fucking brilliant!  I especially like how the wigs are normally not placed on the actor's heads properly and you can see the actors' actual hair sticking out.  Oh, oh, and when the actors obviously go off script during heavy dialogue scenes, it brings a tear to my eyes each time.  It's almost like I am watching a Mamet film.

    Come on Emmy committee!  Give these shows a chance!  I kind of want to start a "Party of Five"-like campaign to get all of the shows noticed.  But, instead of trying to keep the shows on the network by sending network execs cans of ravioli, we send butcher knives and boxes of ACME rat poison to everyone on the Emmy committee. 

    Together, we can make this happen.  Let's do this!!  Attica!!

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