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    Sunday, August 26, 2012

    Laurence Woods and Alicia Johnson vs. Pamela Klein - Judge Glenda Hatchett presided.

    Laurence Woods and Alicia Johnson sued Pamela Klein for $600.00, the amount of an unpaid loan.

    Klein denied owing money to Woods. She explained that the only reason he was brought her to court was for pay back for the times that Klein called the police on Woods for beating up Johnson. Woods then presented a promissory note for the loan which was signed by Klein. Point Woods.

    Klein said that she never signed the promissory note and that Woods was only a coward who was trying to "shake (her) down". She said that Woods was extremely abusive to his fiance (Johnson) and because of that, he would never get the money back. Point Klein, I guess.

    Woods stated to the court that Klein was an "undercover racist". She once called Woods a "'n'-boy" and said that she was going to "beat (him) up or at least shoot (him). Klein exclaimed that the "only 'n' word that used to describe him was knucklehead". Judge Hatchett replied, "that word doesn't start with an 'n'". Point Judge Hatchett.

    Woods claimed that Klein was a drug dealer (prescription pills). Klein denied it accusation and explained that she caught Woods trying to steal her percocet on several occasions. Woods denied and told the court that Klein was "one sandwich short of a picnic basket". Judge Hatchett had never heard that expression before.

    In a surprise move, Judge Hatchett called Renee C. Martin (Forensic Document Examiner -Handwriting Expert) to testify. Martin explained that the document was in fact a forgery. Someone had traced Klein's signature on the promissory note. Point Klein.

    Judge Hatchett ended the trial by saying to Klein, "I'm dismissing this case. I thought that you were as crazy as a bat, but it turns out that you were telling the truth".

    My Scoreboard

    Woods - 1 Point
    Klein - 2 Points
    Judge Hatchett - 1 Point


    I agreed with Judge Hatchett . But, I also agree with Woods that Klein is crazier than shit.

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