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  1. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

    Tuesday, June 15, 2021


    Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad


    On Sunday, I was looking at the posts in a Facebook group I’m part of for people who grew up in the Bronx.  Many were highly recommending the movie, “In the Heights.”  Then someone posted a photo of his tv with the movie on the screen.  It was a shot of the rally scene.  He asked me if that was me in it.  It was!  It was a background role, but I was positioned next to an actor with lines, so I was clearly seen.  This was filmed before the pandemic.  (I haven’t dared go into crowds since the virus.)  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I intend to.  What really struck me is that the person who recognized me only knows me through that Facebook group.  We never met in person.



    I messaged him to thank him for the photo and to let him know I was surprised he recognized me since we only know each other on Facebook.  He wrote back:

    Bella mujer, I've admired you for a long time. It’s an honor. I would have put a better picture of you but I needed your permission. But yes, I spotted that beautiful face in the crowd. BTW I hate musicals except West Side Story and now this wonderful movie. Have a blessed day.


    Later that night, I went to the 24-hour store to get chips and a few loose cigarettes.  The night cook made a big point of saying hello.  He’s not one of the cooks I am too familiar with, so I was a bit surprised but I responded.  Then he asked about my dog and then acknowledged that my dog must have passed by now.  I was very surprised.  He said he saw me every morning walking the dog when he was going to school.  I asked if he lived in my building.  He said no, but that he lived on my block.  He said he’s seen me every day since he was about twelve.  I was wide-eyed.  I had no idea.  He is a grown man now.  I said, “So you knew me when I was skinny.  Look at me now,” and I grabbed some blubber from my middle.  He said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”  I was impressed, and I cracked up laughing.  He’s young; many older men wouldn’t have responded that intelligently.  He spoke of my dog being calm, not barking at everyone, and looking like Lassie.  I just wanted to hug him.  Instead, I thanked him for telling me all that and told him that it made me feel good.


    Wow!  I started to feel the world was telling me to come back and join the living. 


    On my way home, a drunk man said, “Hello Mami.”  I didn’t recognize him, but I certainly noticed him aiming right at me while asking me, “Where are you going?”  I went to the other side of the sidewalk and walked around him.  He was about my height but much broader.  He was drunk enough that I felt I could push him, and he’d fall.  So I was not frightened as much as surprised.


    Three surprises in one day; two out of three felt great.




    Love always to CGG-M ❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic,  June 2021

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