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    Saturday, June 12, 2021


    A few days ago, I heard the elevator alarm as I left my apartment.  pressed the button in case that would get it moving, but it didn’t.  I went downstairs, and the people were stuck on the first floor.  I opened the outer door and then pulled and pushed the automatic door to try to get it open enough for them to squeeze out.  They said something in Spanish.  I said in English (the only language I know), “I’m trying to help you.”  I got it open enough for them to help push it open.  They got out.  As I left the building, I saw the husband of one of the women.  “I just rescued your wife.”  He apparently knew they were stuck and had gone to find the super. 


    Today, I was the one who got stuck in the elevator.  It’s not my worst fear, so I wasn’t panicking.  I was hot in there.  But I was grateful I didn’t have to pee, and there was no roach or waterbug in there.  It could have been worse.  The hardest part was not knowing how long I’d be in there.  I made a lot of noise with the alarm button.  After a couple of minutes, someone showed up and was trying to get the automatic door open for me.  It was the man whose wife I had rescued.  I thanked him so much for returning the favor. 


    Many of my neighbors barely speak English, and I know just a bit of Spanish; however, most of us do speak "neighbor."  💚



    On Friday, my long-time friend Judy, who lives in Staten Island, was in the Bronx for some business, so she texted to see if I was free to come downstairs and see her before she went home.  That’s always a treat.  It’s usually for about 15 minutes.  This time, she didn’t have to get anywhere else, so we spent a few hours together sharing many things including our troubles.  I hadn’t expected that amount of time.  It felt good.  I wish we lived closer to each other.


    In our twenties.

                                                                                Decades later. 

    Much love to CGG-M. ❤❤❤

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    1. Melinda said...

      Neighbors, a very special word for those who truly care💜. How nice that you friend was in the Bronx and not only thought of you but reached out to be with you, special too 😌. Thanks for sharing 😊.

    2. I like your neighborness. And sure enough, what goes around comes around. How about that? You are one good neighbor.

    3. Carolyn Reus said...

      Thanks for sharing about helping your neighbor. I haven’t gotten stuck lately, but nw how scary it can be. Long time friends are so special.

    4. S u P o l o said...

      Always nice to spend time with friends. Uplifting!

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