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    While I’m still struggling along to maintain my progress cutting down on the cigarettes, I had two unsuccessful days.  Actually three.  They were still better than what I had been doing before, but not by much.  The next day, I felt more in control and got it down further. 


    On Tuesday, my buddy (my unofficially adopted brother) offered to drive me to take care of some errands for me (and some for him), have late-afternoon breakfast, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.  It really helps when he interrupts my routines that are not productive.  I do my best not-smoking when I’m with him.  It took years for me to adjust with a good attitude, but I now appreciate that he does not allow cigarette smoking in his house or car.  I never had a car, so getting driven around is always a treat.  It was a good day that included lots of sharing and laughter (which I haven’t had enough of lately).  He also appreciated my efforts and what I’ve managed to improve on so far regarding the f’ing cigarettes. 


    On Wednesday, I had human interaction again, this time on line, with the poetry workshop I’ve been part of for a number of years.  Two days in a row of hours of significant human interaction seems to have done me good.  Plus a family in my building got a puppy who I met in front of my building.  For a while I just watched him.  I saw how the dad was very concerned about things I’d be concerned about – how hot the ground was, checking his paws, untangling him when the leash got between his legs.  After about five minutes, I went over to say hello to this delightful puppy.  He sniffed my feet, jumped on me, all happy and loving.  I think that moment also did me good.  Nothing like passing an animal’s smell test.  They sense the soul.  It’s an honor.


     Lots of love to CGG-M ❤💜❤


     Mindy Matijasevic






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    1. MzzzTish said...

      This is so uplifting. Getting out of your own way, with the interruption of your Friend, is a gift. Any time with an animal is pure gold. I struggle with food the way you struggle with cigarettes. Cheers to us, for taking on the battle. Liz

    2. Oh Liz, I am glad we are back in each other's lives. Yes, cheers to us! The buddy/brother I referred to is Bob.

    3. lol Woof to you too. lol

    4. Stay with people and animals who give you what you need ❤️💜👍🪴

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