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  1. A cockroach was crawling on my papers on my computer desk.  I’ll spare all an illustration.  It seemed to be the only one, but I knew I had to make the surface less roach-friendly.  There’s no food or water on the desk, but there was way too much paper (paid bills, notes, cards, scratch-off tickets, ATM receipts, starts of poems, comedy notes, phone numbers, junk mail, etc., etc.).  So I proceeded to go through a lot of it.  I even found a dollar.  I filled two bags of torn up clutter and brought them out to the garbage.  As much as I resented the cockroach, it caused me to clean up some.  Then today, I saw the roach again.  My ex-husband used to kill the bugs.  We had agreed that was one of the things men do.

    Living with a man seems a heavy price to get rid of cockroaches.  I got a 
    tissue and called up my courage.  Got it, and threw it in the garbage.  If it comes crawling out, I’ll know I didn’t do the man thing well enough.  I should have brought it to the toilet bowl but couldn’t stand holding the tissue that many seconds.

    I wish I could say that my computer desk is all clear now.  It isn’t.  It’s improved though.

    I had a mini-vacation at a friend’s house in New Jersey.  Half of the time 
    included a 3rd friend.  Time in the pool, beside the pool, playing Scrabble, watching birds and chipmunks, doing creative writing exercises, and at a poetry reading where we participated in the open mic portion of the evening.  We also laughed ourselves out of breath when we played Mad Libs.  We 3 know each other from a Manhattan poetry workshop.  Here we are goofing around:

    Mindy, Patrick, Barbara

    Things at my job are changing.  Some of it is definitely not for the 
    better.  My future there feels like a question mark.  Only in hindsight do we know if something was a misfortune or a disguised blessing.  I’m not at hindsight yet. 

    I am super proud and a dash hopeful when someone with life, energy, 
    youth, humanity, intelligence, and integrity from my Bronx gets elected.  Additionally, she is beautiful, which is what happens when all of those qualities shines through one’s eyes, skin, and smile.  Go, girl, go!!!  

    Mark your calendars for 8/31 at 7pm if you want to catch my hilarity on 
    stage at Broadway Comedy Club in Aaron Smith’s F.U.C. show.  More details as they become available.

    Mindy Matijasevic

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    1. Totally identify with the cockroach tale. Last year I killed a Gigantic Water Beetle - I think he/she/it was the head of the family. They usually emerge in this humid weather. I'm bristling with anticipation. That's one thing I wish i had a man on the premises for - killing vermin. I really hate to clean, because I hate to look at dirt. But I am forced to with no Prince Charming to come to the rescue.

    2. Melinda said...

      Funny share. Have a roach story too. When we were children, my eldest sister who was totally freaked by roaches, was sitting at the kitchen table studying. Mom heard a scream, ran into the kitchen and my sister pointed to the roach. Mom killed the roach and then realize the curtain was on fire. My sister was so engulfed in her reading that she hadn't notice the fire. Poor roach save our lives and sacrificed it's own😔.
      Glad you had some fun with friends, you so deserve that and more.
      Will send a prayer up for your future...believing that it will be as great as you. Love you my friend 😚, Melinda

    3. wonderful story here. enjoy your holiday.<3

    4. amazed by the people who related to the cockroach story.

    5. Lena Charles said...

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