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    Sunday, July 29, 2018

    Well, guess who wasted a second Friday off from work waiting on a plumber who didn’t show? 

    Frustrating.  But not my biggest problem in life.  However, since the leak 
    in my bathroom has been going on for over two weeks, when I enter the apartment, it smells musty.  I do hope the plumber and other workers get here before the bathroom ceiling ends up on the bathroom floor.

    Honestly, I can’t help thinking of the atrocities our government is doing to innocent little children.  I’m a mother.  I was a child.  I grew up often being made aware of what was done to innocent people in the Holocaust.  It is all too horrific.

    So by comparison, my bathroom leak is fixable (as long as the fixers get 

    On a positive note, the Divorced Divas of Comedy will be doing another 
    show at the Cornelia Street Café on Sunday, September 30th at 6pm.  If you like to plan ahead, mark your calendars.  By the way, if you aren't connected with She So Funny or Divorced Divas of Comedy on Facebook, go connect:    and

    Thank you.

    Recently, I performed at a cable TV show taping at MNN.  It was Pepino 
    Clemenza Provolone’s show.  I had never met him and his group of comics before.  It was fun.  Pepino is warm, welcoming, and quite a character.  All of the other comics were younger than me, but, inside, I don’t feel old.  I had a roomful of comics and one regular person laughing hard.  I enjoyed the spirit of the evening.  I’m looking forward to seeing the edited final product. 

    The next comedy show I’m in is Aaron Smith’s Funny Underground Comedy (F.U.C.) show on Friday, August 31st at 7pm at Broadway Comedy Club.

    Of course, I’ll let you know if more gets added or any changes occur.

    A number of people, who have made my place of work a humane setting and serviced students so beautifully, are leaving.  I am sooooo bummed out. 

    I really welcome something great to happen. 

    (Love to CGM)

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    1. Mindy, Good for you! I knew Robin and Josh at Cornelia Street Cafe would love you!
      Best for future, K

    2. Thanks. I produced a show they liked also. Next Divorced Divas of Comedy Show there will be September 30th at 6pm. If it works for you, please come.

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