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  1. The return of the Divorced Divas of Comedy show was a hit!  I am proud, yes I am.  I was also thrilled that the audience included four poetry friends, four co-workers, and three other friends of mine.  Heart-warming.  Others had guests as well.  Plus the owner sat and watched the whole show.  Each comic had the room going.

    Lucky for me, my friends took photos.  Here we were in action.  I informed the room of my penis-free zone.

    Debbie shared how to prepare for a third husband search.

    Ken Watter, funniest tax accountant in DC, has a plan for his retirement that involves some non-traditional ideas.

    Missy's family misunderstood the purpose of her facial scrubber.  Rhonda once wanted to be a nun until a Sister at St. Virgin in the Bushes changed her course.  

    All mixed together was a hilarious time.  In the photo below, Robin Hirsch, owner of the Cornelia Street Cafe, cozies up to the comics and lets everyone know how much he enjoyed us.  

    Those of you who couldn’t get to the show on 7/22, there will hopefully be 
    future opportunities there.  I’d also like to bring the Divorced Divas of Comedy show to some place in the Bronx.  That’s my home borough.  I really should find venues in every borough for this show. 

    The “Divas” rotate to some degree.  One of the ones in the 7/22 show is 
    from Delaware, and another is from Washington, DC.  They traveled to NYC to do the show which was a treat. 

    There’s a lot of stress involved in producing, however, there’s much 
    gratification as well.  I decide the line-up.  I love my taste.  I can easily invite friends and co-workers, confident they will enjoy the show.  Plus the comics typically walk away saying, "It really was a good show."  

    A few nights later, I was in someone else's show.  One big difference is my focus is mainly on my own performance, what to wear, and getting there on time.  Everything else is someone else's stress.  I enjoyed performing under a lighter load.  There's good stuff about both situations.

    Behind the scenes:  At my job, there is a funding shortage.  Most people's security is not secure.  The uncertainty of life.  It is unnerving for sure.

    I am expecting the plumber tomorrow morning to deal with a leak that has been going on for a while.  I have tomorrow off from work. 

    See, behind the scenes, life ain't so glamorous.  Not until someone comes along, sees me doing my thing, and says, "I want that woman in my TV show!" (or something equivalent).  

    With that change in finances, I'd be able to make a donation to the program I currently work for, leave, always have toilet paper, tissues, and towel paper at the same time, pay all debts, help my son, help others, have a real choice of doctors, and move to an easier place to live.  So fun to fantasize.  And my fantasy didn't even get to luxuries.  Not having to worry about survival is a luxury.

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    1. RHC said...

      It was a great show. Kudos Mindy!

    2. I'm so glad it went well, Mindy, and I'm sure you'll be asked back. Sometimes my instincts are infallible; similar to the times I pitched an idea to CSC, I just knew you'd be right. It turns out that starting with your show, I feel the need to step back now and not force myself to do stuff. This applies to a reading I was invited to be in myself. Trying to accept that there's a time for different things and I need to give myself some free space.

    3. Looking forward to the next show there on Sunday, 9/30 at 6pm. Line-up: Debbie Bazza, Rhonda Hansome, Taffy Jaffe, and Mindy Matijasevic. Fun and hilarity! Mark your calendars. It is very worth it!

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