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  1. When I Have Money...

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    When I have enough money, I tend to have toilet paper, tissues, and towel paper.  When I don't have enough money, I typically have one of those things serving many roles.  Also when I have enough money, I put my refund bottles in a shopping bag and put it outside for those who rely on it for income.  If I see someone collecting cans and bottles, I hand them the bag directly.  And when I'm not with enough money, I refund the bottles myself and use each nickel.

    I had a real fun time at Red White & Brew in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn last Wednesday.  I will admit that I was the oldest person in the room.  Still, I felt warmly welcomed by host Vincenzo Bracale, the bartender, and the audience.  It's a long trip from where I live, but I napped on the trains, so it was okay.  I had a decent set, it seemed, from the feedback.  The bartender knew how to make my Long Island Iced Tea, so after two, I had to rely on the audience feedback.  They called my set "great."

    That film I thought I was in next weekend, I don't know what has happened with that.  However, I have an audition on Saturday for an acting role in something.

    I received an email today saying I won $100 on which I will receive in 3 to 4 weeks.  I know I will need it whenever it arrives.

    Excuse me. Signing off now to get some toilet paper, so I can blow my nose.

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    1. Hi Anne. Thanks for taking the time.

    2. Canada Anne said...

      I love this post. So well said.

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