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  1. Post-Blizzard Laughs

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017

    I've been financially limping along, but thanks to angels in my life, I have been able to eat.  

    The good news is there will be a small raise in my salary, I'm performing comedy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn this Wednesday evening, and I might have a paid acting gig in two weeks.  Not a big amount at all, but something.  I feel a bit hopeful again.  The role is that of a widow named Carmen.  I can do melancholy.

    For those of you who are in Brooklyn or willing to travel to Brooklyn, I'll be performing my stand-up comedy on Wednesday, March 15th, 9pm at Red, White & Brew, 8910 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge.  It's free.   I don't know what other funny people are on the line-up.  I know it's no cover and no minimum.  Come have some post-blizzard laughs on me.

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    1. Congradulation ma'am for your next gig, i wil be more than happy to attend to show my support and to remid you that you are going places with your spirit and attitude towards certain things.

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