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  1. Tense Town by Rhonda Hansome

    Sunday, March 19, 2017

    New York will woo you, whip you and leave you naked in the gutter. She crushes with potential and fulfills with irony. When you embrace New York don't give her your soul and sanity.

    In a veritable blizzard of disturbing news stories, these two headlines shook me to my core.

    The blatant violence made me all too aware that at any moment in this city that never sleeps, you can be vulnerable and assaulted. My heart broke for these victims of unsolicited violence.

    The perpetrators of these hateful acts are enthralled in a degree of unhappiness and desperation I pray to never know.

    I do comedy. 
    I hope to bring laughter and a lighter heart to all within the sound of my voice.

    8 PM Tue. March 21st 
    Get $10 Tickets Here: Poetry & Punchlines 
    $15 At The Door

    7 PM Thu. March 23rd
    I'm On The Panel At
    Brooklyn Museum
    Fierce Funny and Feminist

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