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  1. This past Sunday, I attended an Uptown Hall at the Apollo Theatre.  Inside, it looks palatial.  I've watched Amateur Night at the Apollo on tv, but I'd never been there.  I was there for an event that intrigued me.  I invited my adult students to join me before we went on a week's break.  Several made sure to be there, and one brought her daughter.  I was very pleased.  

    It was well worth the time.  Enriching FREE events happen all the time all over New York City.  I like when I step outside of my routines and experience something different. I was honored that several students joined me.  One went through so much to make it happen -- taxicabbed to her mother's who would take care of the baby, etc., etc.  


    I fantasized about this when I was 18 years old.  Though there were consciousness raising groups all over, women were still too alienated from each other back then.  It took years of freeing our minds and an orange anal orifice to make it happen.  Herstory in the making!

    I fucking plan to be there.


    With all that's going on, we also need to make time for fun and laughter.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 9pm 

    Mindy Matijasevic
    performs stand-up comedy 
    in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 

    No cover & no minimum
    Red, White & Brew
    8910 Fifth Avenue
    Brooklyn, New York
    (R train to 86th Street Station in Bay Ridge)

    Hope to see your smiling faces and hear your laughter!

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