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  1. Yet Another First

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    For the first time ever, I saw part of a comedy show where the one in charge heckled his own performers.  It was very puzzling. 


    On one hand, I wondered if he was just behaving as an acting director at a rehearsal.  What he was claiming to want sounded understandable, but it seemed most of the performers had no idea this was what happens at this event.  Those who had been there before, and accepted the scenario, giggled at the whole thing.  New people, like myself, looked in wonderment. 

    Some left.  I decided early on that I was not going to get on stage.  Another comic I know just decided to leave.  I stayed, out of curiosity, and then left halfway through the event. 

    I can't say I wouldn't go again.  It was bizarre enough to spark my curiosity though not every brand of strange is compatible with mine.  Maybe if there is a next time, I'll get up.  I need to know what I'm getting myself into.  And I'd have to be in a particularly adventurous mood.  

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    1. Canada Anne said...

      Love your blogs Mindy.

    2. Jack Cooper said...

      I'm just wondering whether there wasn't some jekyll this director had to hyde --

    3. jess said...

      Mindys so glad for your Tuesday blogs I read them religiously. I'm going to go down with David to the three of cups tomorrow. Have you been OK? I worry about your financial situation. It's been a while.
      . Love

    4. Thank you for reading and commenting. CA, thank you. Jack, you are very perceptive. Rhonda, Rhonda. Yep, yep. Jessica, money is an issue -- the lack of money is a big obstacle. :-( I continue on.

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