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  1. Director Debra Robinson's 1984 documentary, I Be Done Was Is profiles four women comics: Marcia Warfield, Jane Galvin Lewis, Alice Arthur and me; seen above in the poster for the BAM Rose Cinemas' Black History Month Film Festival,

    I was the mother of a toddler and a new comic when this film was made. Last Saturday was my first in-theater screening of this exploration of women in comedy. The Brooklyn Academy of Music theater was packed. I was delighted to be in the company of thirty or more friends, family and fans who'd responded to my last minute invitation. If I hadn't seen a random post on the Women of Color Women of Comedy Facebook page, I'd never had known about the festival, nor the showing of I Be Done Was Is, a historical work in which I'm featured.

    #IBeDoneWasIs - Schedule Alert: 
    9 PM tonight, Thur. Feb. 9th, is NOT THE LAST SCREENING of  #IBeDoneWas Is. 
    Kudos and thanks to BAM Cinematek Programmer Nellie Killian for inviting my participation 
    at the new I Be Done Was Is screening 9:30 Thu. Feb. 23rd.
      Join me 2/23 at BAM Rose Cinemas for the laughs and for Black History.

    BTW,  I Also Direct & This Reading Featuring Dominic Marcus Is Free

    And Some Storytelling

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