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  1. This Bronx Gal Thanks You, Daniel Hauben

    Tuesday, January 17, 2017

    I'm a teacher again.  When I have lots of days off, I start to find it hard to believe I teach classes of adult students.  Today, Tuesday, was the first day of the new cycle.  Aside from getting to know each other and each other's names, we spoke about the stigma of The Bronx, why our borough has "The" in front of it, and we read and wrote about excerpts from Daniel Hauben's Inches From My Easel.  It is a beautifully uplifting experience to experience the words of someone who sees the beauty and humanity of where you call home.  These are some of his paintings.

    In a Bronx-phobic society, I am grateful to Daniel Hauben, his vision, and his passion, and so are my students.  This isn't the first class to whom I introduced his work.  His paintings make my heart smile.

    So I guess I am a teacher.  But I'm the kind who is more like a coach, a sister, a friend, a neighbor.  

    This site is called "She So Funny" and I'm often quite serious (the multi-faceted person inside the comic), so I'm going to include the humor that truly comes from not necessarily funny life circumstances.  This video includes a bit about me as a teacher.  It is about a minute and a half.  (I don't know how to make it end after that bit.) 

    Remember, my students are adults.

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    1. Now that I play it, I see it doesn't start at the teacher bit. It is the second bit. Just enjoy.

    2. Canada Anne said...

      Love the oil paintings!

    3. Thank you, my dear, for reading and commenting.

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