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    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    It is so hard to go back to work after being off for many days.  Once back in the swing of things, it will probably feel good.  I like my teaching job.  There are many good things about it.  Unfortunately, the salary isn't.  I am always in need of additional income.  Preferring it not be from another teaching job, I'm putting it out there that I'm an experienced and very good proofreader, an experienced fine artist's model, creative writer, actress, and stand-up comic. The Divorced Divas of Comedy are available to do divorce parties and other celebrations.  My dear readers, if you know of anything or anyone, please connect me.  Thank you.

    The ASPCA commercials are breaking my heart.  I can't give money.  I owe lots of money.  I can't even adopt a dog or cat at this point.  And I'd like to, an older one whose chances of adoption are less than the young ones.  I would still like to be adopted myself sometimes, so I really can relate to their plight.  Plus it is so beneficial to a human to love an animal.  This human could use such benefits.  I recently went into a store where I sometimes shop, and I told the man, "I really came in to say hello to the cat."  He pointed out where she was, and she and I had our few minutes.  I must need it because I have become closer friends with many animals in the neighborhood since my Luigi had to go to Heaven.

    In December 2016, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Laughing Buddha Bar Show at Bunga's Den.  I had a great set and enjoyed every moment of it.  The room was packed.  I stayed for the whole show as I usually do, and I liked the whole experience.

    The next day, I was part of an anthology launch reading and celebration with the Riverside Poets.  They make me feel so appreciated as a poet.  Then all the delicious free food at the celebration really helps when I'm so broke and hungry. It always feels special to hang out with people I see only once or twice a year.  

    A cousin who I have yearned to be connected with, but didn't feel able to, contacted me for my December 21st birthday.  It felt really good.  I responded. However, I feel guarded as his sister tried to discredit me with the Bronx Council on the Arts when she realized one of my winning entries in one of their competitions was a nonfiction slice of my childhood.  I think she feels in charge of the victimizing family tradition of not talking about the family.  I believe she was passed that torch, and she took it.  It horrifies me that she's a therapist and would do such a thing.  She even implied when calling them that she was my therapist. Lord have mercy.  I would have thought that a CSW would know that abusive families with a lot to hide typically make everyone feel like it is wrong to talk about your life and that they convince others that the abused are liars.  But as is typical of me, I had overestimated her.  

    Also in December 2016, I was honored to be a part of Lehman Stages' storytelling production of Bronx Tales at the Lovinger Theatre.  We were six storytellers.  We are residents of the Bronx, some are natives of the Bronx while others came here from other places.  These are all our true, approximately 10-minute stories.  


    I very much appreciated working with our director, Dante Albertie.  He helped me shape my story.  He appreciated real and my commitment to the truth.  I needed that.

    If you'd like to hear the stories, here it is.  The first storyteller is hilarious in his depiction of other characters.  All the stories are riveting.  If you want to go straight to mine, I'm 28 minutes and some seconds in.  It's called "An Introduction of Sorts."  

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    1. RHC said...

      Being a newbie Bronx resident, I'm sorry I didn't know about Bronx Tales at the Lovinger Theatre. Glad you've had some rewarding creative & performing experiences. Onward!

    2. Rhonda, the director will be holding this event regularly. I still think of you as a Brooklyn gal. But if you have a true Bronx story, he'd want to meet you when he holds auditions again. This event had been yearly, but he recently said he wants to do it more often.

    3. Canada Anne said...

      Happy New year to you. Good things and better paying gigs are coming.

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