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  1. Hello 2017

    Tuesday, January 3, 2017

    my comedy was judged by those who refer to a vagina as two sad stage curtains. how do ya think that went?

    a sex offender is preparing to rule my country.

    hello 2017.

    for the sake of our collective self-esteem, I'm including this wonderfulness.

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    1. RHC said...

      Mindy, I thought the judges on your Comics Watching Comics set appreciated that you are funny. It can't be denied you got your laughs and the audience enjoyed you. If that's how they describe the vagina, that's their sad issue and/or an attempt to be funny. I hope you 1) hear & see the great set you had and 2) understand they have the pressure to be entertaining, appear to be funny or at least provocative.Onward!

    2. You are comedically mature, and I thank you for the reminders of how things go. I will shut up for now about that. The actual experience felt great. A room full of comics to react like that is a high honor in my view. I loved doing it and thought it was very well organized. Thank you, Rhonda.

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