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  1. Come With Me on a Comedy Ride

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    On Friday, after my day job in the Bronx, hitting the open mic at Broadway Comedy Club, and returning to the Bronx, I went out with a comedy friend to check out a regular comedy show in the area. We shared comments about the room, the comics, the audience, we applauded patrons’ birthdays, we may have been perceived as a couple, we applauded what we liked even if it meant we were the only ones applauding (which happened at least once), we spoke with the producer, and we met Barry Ribs who recognized the comic I was with. Then toward the end of the show, the host came over and asked the comic I shared this experience with if he may announce that she is in the building. I was sitting with a star! He confirmed that she had opened for the Pointer Sisters. And then he announced that Rhonda Hansome was in the house! 

    Came home to discover three people were not going to be able to make an industry show I was to be in the next night where I was required to bring a certain number of guests. I don’t do this often, but I had been counting on being in this one for over a month. So many people who normally like to come to shows I’m in just couldn’t this time for a variety of reasons. I wondered if I should just surrender and cancel.

    Instead, I made a Facebook event page putting it out there and even offering to cover the cover charge if that was an obstacle.

    I was sweating it.  I went out to get food and hoped when I returned, there’d be good news. Well, when I returned, I stuck my apartment key in the lobby door, which I’d never done before, and it would not come out. I was holding my food and the door, so people could get in. They wouldn’t be able to use their key since mine was stuck in there. I couldn’t leave it because I needed that key to get back in my house.

    Neighbors tried to help, and it wouldn’t budge. Some said they’d call the super for me. I stood there thinking either the universe was telling me to cancel (I even wondered if I’d get murdered in Manhattan that night), or I was sabotaging myself. I didn’t know which interpretation was right.

    Then my most macho neighbor (who I have very mixed feelings toward) put down his packages and got my key out with no oil or tools, just manpower. He didn't break or bend the key. He was my fucking hero.

    I checked the event page. The responses warmed me. People from all over my life came forth to help in whatever way they could. Some were able to come. Some spread the word. Some invited their people to my event page. Many truly wished me well. The energy and spirit were there. Two high school friends came to the show! A former student, who never saw me perform before, attended the show. It felt so special to see her there. A woman who I know from a job of about twelve years ago (also an actress) came with a friend. Her feedback is so meaningful to me because she is a talented performer. Two current co-workers, who are very supportive, came. A man I once co-starred in a play with, who is mainly a songwriter and musician, came, and a man from the poetry workshop I attend came with his partner. Ultimately, I had more than I needed. But the journey getting there was a stressful marathon of sorts.

    I was exhausted and overflowing with gratitude. 

    My set went very well. I was proud because I could say I did my current best. I hate when I screw up on something I know better than to screw up on.

    I received a tape of my set. And I didn’t cringe once when watching it. (Just a tiny bit at the belly, but that’s not what I’m being judged on.)

    The last part was speaking with the booker who couldn’t be at the show due to an emergency but would watch the tapes and provide feedback. I spoke to him a little while ago, and we got disconnected in the first minute.  I got concerned, but we reconnected, and I was given a development spot on a pro show! Yes, I am happy about that.

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    1. RHC said...

      Whoohoo! Congratulations!

    2. RHC said...

      Whoohoo! Congratulations!

    3. Malka said...

      Mindy, that was great. You are so funny. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!!
      Marilyn ❤️

    4. Canada Anne said...

      Great news Mindy. You see you put it out in the Universe and magic happens!

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