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    I want to thank all of you who read last week's blog and watched the video of that play, "I Am Tricky Nicky" by Adam Samtur where I had the honor of portraying Nicky. (In case you want to but didn't yet, I appreciated all the comments, whether on the blog page or in my inbox. Bad shit replays in my mind without any effort on my part, so I have to deliberately replay good shit.
    And speaking of good shit, I will be seen performing my stand-up by a couple of bookers at this industry show in a couple of Saturdays from now.  I do need a certain amount of guests in order for that to happen. I hope you can consider this an investment besides a fun and early night out. Please do call 212 252-4260 to make reservations and to get your discount! The actual purchase will be in person on the evening of the show, September 26th, when you arrive at 5:30 for the 6pm show.
    I know it will be fun to one day say, "I knew her back when she needed to get seen by industry, held two jobs, and still couldn't afford much. Now look! And she didn't forget us. That's why we're in a limo tonight, drinking champagne."
    Hope to see you there and hear you laughing. 
    It would help me to know if you reserved your seats, so I
    can know if I have the required amount of folks coming. 
    Please leave me a comment here or on Facebook or in an
    email. Thanks!

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    1. RHC said...

      Conrats! Keep on pushing!

    2. Canada Anne said...

      Rising Stars showcase! Good things are happening. Good to hear.

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