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  1. For The Clicks By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, September 3, 2015

    If you've heard it or not, it bears repeating... 

    Thank You!
    Thank You!!
    Thank You!!!

    Reading my blog 
    Travel Souvenirs 
    Laughing at my jokes
    Heartfelt hugs
    Coming to my shows
    Giving me spots 
    Loving me

    I Really Appreciate Your Giving Me 
    A Wonderful Son

    I Know You Don't Have To
    Follow, Share, Like & Retweet Me
    But You Do - So Thanks For The Clicks

    Thanks For Generously
    Getting Me Coffee
    Hosting Me In Your Country
    Offering To Make Calls To Get Me Paying Work
    Helping Me Organize A Jumbled Life

    Thank You For Being One Of The Many 
    Who Asked Me To Direct A Project 
    And Paid Me For 

    Services Rendered

    Thank You For Always Making Me Family 
    Even After The Divorce

    Yesterday, during a visit with a childhood friend I had an experience to note. 
    The glass is not just half full, it is often

    I am an actor, director, coach and stand-up comic. 
    I thank you for clicking HERE to see where I'm performing. 
    I'm #NotYourGrandmasComic but #YourCrazyAuntLovesMe

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