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  1. "Put something in your mouth," he said

    Tuesday, October 6, 2015

    Well the past week flew for me. I have been dealing with health issues. I have also been trying to stop smoking cigarettes. I am not as successful as I am supposed to be. My doctors are going to be pissed. This is so fucking hard.

    One of the men in the neighborhood told me to put something in my mouth. Then he laughed.

    Why do men think dick is a substitute for cigarettes? One fits in your mouth comfortably and you inhale. One barely fits in your mouth and you get lockjaw. How is that the same? If it were, why would any straight woman or gay man who is sexually active spend so much money on cigarettes when dick is free?

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    1. Everyone says cold turkey is the only way to kick the nicotine jones, but I know it's as hard as stopping heroin use for some folks. The thing is, it's your only life and lungs - sincere good luck. As for the dicks, it's pure discretion.

    2. Canada Anne said...

      I have the same problem . I can have control over my habits and control my eating portions and such, but when it comes to cigs, its like this grip it has over you. Especially after 2 beers or a glass of wine.. I HAVE NO CONTROL. And it has to be part psychological but it is overpowering. I heard that this book called Allen Carr’s Stop smoking. I had a friend who was smoking a pack a day and this book helped him stop cold turkey. I am personally going to try it as Im sick of the smell on the clothes and plus its getting cold outside and I don't want to put any other foreign objects in my mouth:)

    3. Thanks for empathizing, CA. The book sounds worth checking out. David, your words echo in my head -- my only life and lungs.

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