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  1. Humble Pie By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, October 22, 2015

    Comedy has a unique way of keeping me humble.

    When I left comedy, I had no perspective on the success and equity I'd earned, working major casinos, resorts and numerous network talk shows.

    I've returned to a fractured, multi-producer system, nothing like the mercurial monster of my heyday.

    My objective now is no longer being as funny as possible, but to connect with the (ever growing number of) independent comedy producers (many very young-but when you are my age, everyone in comedy is young!) dominating the scene now.

    I obviously need a tutorial in how to talk to these folks, because every thing I say to them results in an immediate shutdown and nearly no possibility of collaborating with them.

    "I don't work with new comics."
    "Have 17 comics who work here recommend you."
    "Send me your HBO special tape."

    Every producer/booker is entitled to her business as usual, automatic response. 

    Being an overly sensitive (Cancer) sign of the zodiac, I hear these replies emotionally 

    and take them to heart. 


    the saying of the day is, "Go hard or go home!"

                          So I'm putting on my big girl panties, 
    digging in my (not so high) heels for another day;

    while I truly appreciate those who recognize me. 

    It's a game. 

    I don't even know the rules or referees.
    But I'm going to have fun playing no matter who's calling the shots. So, come join me in the fun...  
    Or later the same night catch my 
    very scary storytelling at

    @RhondaHansome is #NotYourGrandmasComic

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    1. Sharon Renay said...

      Rhonda you are an inspiration and a goddess!!

    2. yes, you have lots going on. that's great.

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