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  1. Rare Diamond

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    I ordered new business cards and spent a bit more on them than the cheapest kind which were my previous ones.  I decided to make that investment.  The card will have some texture and shine too. 

    I splurged and even decided to have something on the back.
    I can wait the eight days and go with the free shipping.  I waited years for my unsuitable ex-husband to get the fuck out of my apartment, so I can certainly wait eight days enjoying anticipating my cards.

    I don't know if I'm being suckered, but I think I'm going to get myself the Ab Rocket Twister.     I really want to feel good about the things I have some control over.  It is hard to change every bad habit, but sometimes one good thing motivates the next good thing.  This item folds compact and doesn't require lots of space.  I want a firmer and more finely shaped middle like I once had.  I believe it is possible and not such a long road.  The difficulty is getting on the road. 

    So much challenging weather.  I enjoyed spending my Saturday night with me and a bottle of wine, my internet connection and Chris Rock on tv.  And, a mouse that had me feeling very tense got caught in one of the traps that my best friend set up for me before he left for the weekend.  No after-sounds or anything, so I didn't have to feel like there was torture involved.  Just a clean death.  I was able to enjoy being home again.  I'm grateful when I don't have to be anywhere and can be at home just growing back my hymen. 

    Then on Sunday night, my buddy was back and came over to get rid of the mouse corpse for me.  Surprise, surprise.  There was no mouse.  Part of the cheese was gone, and the mouse must've escaped.  Like the woman on the Swiffer commercial says, "I've been living in a fool's paradise."
    On a hopeful note, next Saturday, 1/18/14, I will be in a class all day (6 hours) that focuses on booking day player roles (9 lines or less).  It will also be a chance to work with someone in the industry.  A free spot in the class was being raffled and though I didn't win that, I won a runner-up spot which was a discounted fee for the class.  I hope it helps move me along. 
    As much as I do enjoy working with my students, I feel readier than ever for show business to take me into a much more comfortable lifestyle.  It's all relative, but it could be nice to pay someone to do the laundry, it would be different to be able to buy clothes regularly, to always have all 3 paper products (toilet paper, towel paper, and tissues) at the same time, to live in a well kept building (as mine once was and is not the worst now but could be much better), to not have to teach full time but only an occasional class if I so desire, to have a doctor who remembers me and where it doesn't feel like a clinic, to be able to buy a good bed, to clear my debt, to actually go somewhere when on vacation, that sort of thing.  Those diamonds on the business card do not represent my lifestyle (and given the story behind diamonds,  I probably wouldn't buy any even if I could afford them) but I do love that they tend to be associated with beauty and rarity. 

    And I certainly wouldn't mind every casting director I meet thinking, she's a rare diamond.

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    1. RHC said...

      YOU ARE A RARE DIAMOND I LOVE THE LINE just growing back my hymen.

    2. Thanks, Rhonda. I used that line in a show I was in and it went over very well.

    3. Mary said...

      Growing back your hymen? Brilliant no matter the source. Shine on you crazy diamond! I love that you are investing in yourself AND used the front and back of the card to be direct (Hire me).

    4. Thank you Mary Liz! I am the source of the line. When I said I had used it in a show, I meant in my stand-up which I write. I find it very challenging to sit and write new comedy material. I tend to come up with things naturally just from venting or something, and then I have to write it down and not count on remembering it. Then I have to figure out how to get it in my material sounding like it belonged there all along. I enjoy the process. Thanks for your encouragement always.

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