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  1. Better Late Than Never! By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, January 30, 2014

    And so we begin.
    I'm use to my landline not ringing.

    Most friends and business associates call me on my cell. I lie, they actually text, which drives me up the wall because I don't like reading 11 page text messages or getting 7 texts to know you'll meet me at 2 PM, when a quick call or an old fashioned email would do, but I digress...

    I'm use to my landline not ringing, but if I have no incoming service on that line, how would I know? After "Are you ok?" or "What's with your phone?" texts from the 2 people who ONLY call my landline and NEVER text me or anyone else, I thought maybe there's a problem.

    So I did an empirical test. I stood directly in front of my landline phone and dialed that number on my cell. The landline shuddered with a faint meh, but never rang. On my cell I heard a rant in Croatian or Portuguese and deduced immediately, it was not MY landline voicemail greeting.

    I use my landline mostly for calls that might run really, really long, like to technical support, for the myriad devices and utilities that serve my every (corporate created) need. I called Verizon from my landline because it would probably be a long call.

    Yes Dear Readers, all three of you may have noticed this week that even my blog did not escape unscathed in a week fraught with technical difficulties*. I wanted to post on time last week. I was excited about last week's blog. I tried multiple times but could only write blog titles, including at least one in which I misspelled my own name. Why? Google chrome refused to interface properly with blogger on my laptop**. I suspect they never liked each other and just collaborated to make their discordant message loud and clear. 

    Message sent and received. As of this writing blogger and Internet Explorer are cooperating. But who knows for how long?

    The text message above says ticket # NYBQ0206XA will be resolved on 01/28 by 8 PM. NOT!

    My landline had no incoming service and after days of long calls, emails and wait for it - text messages from Verizon, I had NO OUTGOING SERVICE EITHER.

    Call me.

    *Like the T-Mobile email that informs me erroneously I've opted out of auto renewal monthly.

    **Did I mention my desk top computer died months ago?

    Rhonda Hansome is an actress and director. Go see her do stand-up comedy live and in color.

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    1. Our lives are similar in good and bad ways. Like the little train that could, we keep chugging along.

    2. RHC said...

      Whoohoo I can reply from my phone! Only took 2 years to discover!

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