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  1. News From New Jersey By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, January 16, 2014

    Two years ago was the last time I had the honor of speaking with poet Amiri Baraka.

    It was after his play The Toilet, produced by Woodie King Jr.'s New Federal Theater in a park off NY's FDR Drive. We spoke sitting next to each other on a lower east side bus. 

    I shared time and space with a man and a universe whose molten lava core remains forever a firebrand. R.I.P.        

    Wake: Fri. Jan. 17th Metropolitan Baptist Church 4-9 PM, 149 Springfield Ave. Newark, NJ 07103

    Funeral: Sat. Jan. 18th Newark Symphony Hall 
    10 AM, 1030 Broad St. Newark, NJ 07102

    Rhonda Hansome is an actress, writer, director. See her do stand-up here.

  2. 5 comments:

    1. Thanks for bringing us the news. :-) Hope things are going okay for you.

    2. RHC said...

      Things are looking up! Thanks Mindy.

    3. loislane911 said...

      I went to a production of his play "Jello" in the 1970's. Provocative satire, Jack Benny's assistant, Rochester, becomes a black militant, and mugs Benny. It was wild and wonderful.

    4. Unknown said...

      Thank you for the share. It is important for men and women to remember and respect where we have come from and where we should be going...

    5. RHC said...

      Dear Brigid, thank you. Please forgive my delayed response to your, much appreciated comment. Believe it or not, I just realized, after years of writing this blog & being frustrated that, for an unknown reason, I couldn't post replies to comments - I can reply from my phone. Thank you for spending time with me.

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