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  1. It Looks Like My Penis-Free Era Might Be Continuing in Full Swing

    by Mindy Matijasevic


    How does a healthy libido become dry pussy?  Well, for starters how about centuries of being referred to as a bitch, slut, whore, old lady, ball and chain, ruined, damaged, girl, babe, broad, chick, hen, cow, old bag, hoe, heffer, cunt, and old maid. 

    Moist yet?   
    Courtship:  Call me.

    Foreplay:   I said I’d make you an omelet in the morning and even throw in a lunch.
    Clit throbbing?  Mine neither. 

    Possible solutions?  Gee, one might be he facing his fear of genuine closeness.  Another might be perusing the drug store aisles for some vaginal stimulator product to fix everything.

    The bright side:  Though it took a long-ass time to get it right, when it comes to human interaction, I listen to my body.  And in this instance, I mean I obey it because it has always tried to steer me right.  Whether a pounding heart or a lump in the throat or a tense stomach or a disappointed vagina, I listen. It’s a matter of honoring that primal intelligence.  It tells me when to hold my heart and keep walking.  It tells me when not to swallow what someone is serving.  It tells me when I’m letting in toxicity.  I’m not perfect, but I have a lot less regrets now. 

    So fellas, when I take my heart and my mind and walk away, my vagina comes with me.  If you just want a vagina without the attachments, they sell them in the store.  They are inflatable and, better yet, deflatable for your needs.  You don’t even have to pretend to like them once you’re done.  Just go to your local adult store and treat yourself to a woman you can’t hurt.  They should be right next to the roofies. 

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    1. Spleen said...

      Disappointed Vagina is now the name of my one-woman show. Most excellent. And I hear you loud and clear.

    2. do that show and invite me. and thank you for relating.

    3. Anonymous said...

      I enjoyed this Mindy. It is so nice to have some perspective - when I was younger I always thought everything was my fault. It is nice to be an adult and see things the way they really are, and to pick up and go home if its not working out the way we want it to.

    4. Lisa, the everything is my fault lifestyle is familiar to so many of us. It is such an improvement when we can see more clearly. Thank you for relating.

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