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    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    By Lisa Harmon

    Stand up comedy, with all its disappointments, with all the hard work, and hardly any reward...I am thinking that the probable reason I do this is because I really do enjoy just being around intelligent people.

    Intelligent people, independent thinkers, analytically-minded people – this is what I am attracted to. Ideas, fresh perspectives and unique points of view – this is what excites, energizes, and engages me.

    In this comedy world, I can be myself. In the outside world I may be ostracized and disliked – for qualities or actions of mine that may be real or imagined. Things that may or may not be under my control.

    But in the world I live in – a world of open mics, bar shows and lots of Facebook comments, there, I am appreciated for my sense of humor. And, my comedy chops mean that I have the respect of my comedy contemporaries. In this world, my weight doesn't matter. My age doesn't matter. My gender doesn't matter. My race doesn't matter. In this world there's only one thing that counts: Are you funny? Can you make a crowd laugh? Can you make comedians laugh? This is how people are measured here. If the answer is yes, yes and yes, you are in! Nothing else is important.

    If I was not a comic, I would never have met the funny, brilliant and unique people that I now consider my second family.

    Not only do I get to work with and stay sharp with these bright, talented people, but they actually accept me. I get to talk shop with the best comics in the business. I put a question out there and I get a hundred answers. I get to workshop, bullshit, and laugh with the funniest minds out there – and its all part of my job description.

    Here's what I've finally come to understand about myself – I love comedy, and I love comics. Laughing with others is a true bonding experience. That is what I love.

    I believe that comics that know me know how I feel about comedy, how I feel about our profession, and how I feel about them. I think my affection for the material and the comics comes through. I am proud to say that the first Lisa's Clubhouse open mic was a big success. I attribute it to the feeling of camaraderie that I try to promote at my open mic. I'm so happy that we had a great mic, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to do it again next Wednesday. See you there, you squeaky wheels! Don't you ever stop questioning everything! That's why I love you!

    Lisa's Clubhouse – Wednesday night at 6 PM. Visit for info and to sign up!

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    1. Someone sounds happy. Plus I love the photo because it includes those you are interacting with.

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