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  1. A Cougar's Valentine

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    by Samantha DeRose

    Comedy Lesson 1:  Be Prepared.
    I hosted Sunday Comics at Tierney's last night in what we fondly called Quadstravaganza...a rare event where Pat Grillon's Birthday, The Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras, and Valentine's Day all fall in the same week.

    Pat is a fabulous booker in NJ who provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for comics and audiences.  I was completely thrilled when she gave me the opportunity to host such an important event.

    But as Murphy's Law would have it, I became very busy in the couple of months prior to the event and thus, was very harried on the day of the BIG EVENT.  HOWEVER, I'm one of those people who seems to get bright ideas about 2 minutes before I'm supposed to perform.

    Early that same day, my family was celebrating a BAR.  Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement (a Tristravaganza, if you will) at Bensi's Restaurant.  Right before we left, I had an idea for a song.  My family can attest to the fact that I sat at the table frantically scribbling my song, ignoring the camaraderie of family.

    I ran home, put it together, practiced it for the kids, practiced it for my parents, practiced it for Lee, and dashed off to the show... performed the number... and it fell flat because I f&**ed up some essential chords.  I was heartbroken.  My 2 minute masterpiece had flopped.

    But every comic deserves a second chance, so here's my attempt at redemption.

    Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.

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    1. Unknown said...

      Haha that was great! But you are NUTS to try and play that after writing it the same day!

      Although i agree, you have been redeemed by this youtube video. Although it's not fair that when an older woman likes a younger guy she's called a "Cougar" and because of my infatuation with a 20 year old Kate Upton i am called a "creepy pervert". Oh well

    2. Spleen said...

      LOVE!! Love this. You rock.

    3. I enjoyed the song and smiled through the whole thing. You're a character.

    4. Anonymous said...


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