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  1. Happy Valentine's Day VAWA by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    Happy Valentine's Day VAWA!

    The Violence Against Women Act was reauthorized this week by the US Senate.  Yeah!!

    As a 10 year old girl I felt helpless when I saw my mother victimized by her abusive new spouse / monster. Sidebar: the entire, mercifully short, time he actually lived with us, I could never bring myself to call IT my stepfather.  As much as I wanted to grab a butcher knife and plunge it somewhere, anywhere in that man; a Catholic child's fear of mortal sin's reward - an eternity in hell - stayed my hand.  In view of my history, I'm delighted that re-authorization of VAWA is another step toward protecting women, men, old and young from the  abuse only those nearest can inflict.

    Now if you are Native American, undocumented or LGBT there may be some hemming, some hawing, and down right denial of equal protection from violent stalkers, because some persons can make it so.  Yes there's potential for a fly in the buttermilk, a turd in the punch bowl, so to speak.  Geez, I've never liked that (turd in punch bowl) expression; its so graphic it leaves its shitty image lingering way too long  in my overly suggestive mind's eye.  Be that as it may, who are the floaters* in our VAWA celebratory libation?

    As the the Violence Against Women Act moves on through the House I hope our legislators can keep their turd count to a minimum.   But on this day honoring love and kindness, I ask perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse to pause and wish VAWA safe travels in the House and Happy Valentine's Day!


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    1. yes, we need a pooper scooper. happy valentine's day.

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      Thanks for the link... great work! ~S

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