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  1. Comedy Shows and an Early Birthday Gift

    Monday, November 8, 2021


    I was without the luxury of the internet for a couple of weeks.  I’m glad that is solved. 


    The autumn comedy show at The Artist had a great line-up.  In that sense, it was very good.  However, we didn’t get as much audience as I’m accustomed to.  I hope we can get back up to the pre-pandemic audience size.  Back then, Elliot (the owner) said he’d be glad to get more chairs if necessary.  It was that packed.  If you were not at the 10/22 show, these were the funny folks you missed.

    Pudge Fernandez

    Jean Kim

    Linda San Lucas

    Hosted by yours truly...       

    Mindy Matijasevic

    Audience members and some comics connected after the show.  That warmed me.  Several friends and I went for drinks afterwards, and I heard so much great feedback about the comics’ performances.  I’m usually proud of the line-up, and this was no exception.


    Again I’m guilty of watching The Bachelorette.  Now I know what I like about it.  I see how women get rid of a man when they see red flags.  I wish I’d seen that in my teens.  Unfortunately, I tended to consider other people’s pain more than my own.  I did things all wrong.  Very wrong.  My body spoke to me – pain in my chest, throat, inability to eat, crying often, etc. – but I didn’t listen.  Can’t get the years back.  I’m just relieved to be on my own.  Good friends have given me more happiness and real love than any romantic relationship ever has.  And I have not seen anyone else’s marriage/romantic relationship that I would want to be in.  It may work for those in it, but I wouldn’t feel good in it.


    On a very happy note:  My best friend, who is very talented in fixing, building, all kinds of stuff most of us do not know how to do, fixed my malfunctioning toilet tank today (about three hours of skilled labor) and bought the parts needed, etc. as an early birthday gift.  This was a great gift.  I now have a flushing toilet again.  For quite a while, I was using a water-filled bucket to flush.  One of the best parts of this gift is I don’t have to have people in here, that I don’t know, to do it.  I think I need a dog again.  I used to get people (either to install cable or whatever else) who would ask me to lock up the dog in another room.  I remember thinking and realizing that one of the benefits of having a dog is protection.  I’d say, “No.  He will only smell you.  The only reason he would ever attack someone is if they were trying to hurt me.”  That was accepted, and I felt good about not caving.  My dog Luigi (2000-2015) was someone I felt 98% sure of.  I can’t say that about most humans.


    Next comedy show I’m having at The Artist (249 City Island Avenue) will be December 17th at 8pm.  Hope you’ll put that on your calendar and get yourself to City Island.  It will be another great line-up.  You can’t typically get this kind of live comedy and funny at these prices.  $10 cover; no minimum (though you will be tempted by the light fare and delicious desserts by Jenny's Sweets); you can BYOB; contributions requested for the hilarious comics.


    Much love to CGG-M  💕💕💕

    Mindy Matijasevic

    November 2021



  2. 7 comments:

    1. Unknown said...

      The October show was great. I am soooo looking forward to the December show, it will be like the opening of the holiday season for me....and the drinks afterwards, too.

    2. Unknown said...

      You're a dog lover and should probably have one again. ❤

    3. Hi "Unknowns" -- the first comment I believe is Steven. I love your fun attitude about the shows and hanging out afterwards with friends. Not sure who the second comment is from. Folks, if you don't have a Blogger account, include your name in the comment. Thanks for your time and interest. :-)

    4. Unknown said...

      Thank you, Mindy. Reading your blog, I feel like I'm sitting across from you enjoying the conversation. And the only real downside of having a dog is they must be walked. So, weigh all the pros and the one con.
      I hope to make your next show. Mindy, be well. Fred Simpson

    5. Fred Simpson, thanks for your warm comment and for putting your whole name in the comment. I'd love it if you get to the next show!

    6. Pam said...

      Hi Mindy!
      Happy early birthday! Things are much more handled in NYC than in other places. Here in the DMV the D (DC) and most parts of the M (md has over 3/4s of the state vaxxed) but the V has pockets still.
      Is Jenny's near Brooklyn?
      The right dog will come into your life at the right time and it sounds like that time is coming!
      Here in MD you can "foster" a dog and while they are with you, they pay for all good and medical.

      One day I will make it up and see one of your shows!
      Pam and Athena. *she will stay home in Brooklyn at my nieces. She misses that big dog too

    7. Jenny's Sweets is an independent business. More info:

      Thanks for asking. I know her. Her work is amazing.

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