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  1. Hacked, Yet Hopeful

    Wednesday, November 24, 2021


    Somebody has been bent on hacking my Facebook account.  Thankfully, many folks know me well enough to know when a private message does not sound like me.  People, if we are Facebook friends, please report any messages that seem suspicious.  You can check with me first if you are unsure.  I don’t know if the hacker is looking for money or to destroy my relationships.  I don’t understand the mindset, but I do hope the person finds something constructive to do with his/her life and leave me the fuck alone.  I don’t want to leave FB.  As a comic and a poet and a friend, it’s been helpful.


    I’ve had three sightings of a mouse in my house.  My buddy set two mousetraps for me after my second sighting.  When I saw it the third time, it took the path of one of the traps.  I expected to hear it snap.  It didn’t.  The mouse must’ve leaped over it.  I noticed I was not as hysterical as I’d been in the past.  I guess I’m still growing (and not just in width).


    Those of you who enjoy Thanksgiving, have a good one.  Those of you who don’t, it will soon be behind us. 


    Then we can look forward to, December 17th, a lovely night on City Island, after Hanukkah and a week before Christmas.  Lots of seafood options there plus other foods.  Then at 8pm, come enjoy the comedy show I’m having at The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue.  You may BYOB.  You can purchase light fare and delicious desserts while enjoying the hilarious comics.  Looking forward to your laughter.


    Deep love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    November 2021










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    1. Hackers are looking for data, so getting access to a friends list (and therefore reaching them on Messenger) is the goal. From there they ask for money, info, etc. They don't care about you, or your relationships, at all. They're thieving bastards. Keep changing your password.

    2. If the traps are out too long, and the bait you're using is peanut butter (VERY effective), you may have to wipe off the old peanut butter or add an additional fresh dab. They dig it. Hope they are caught soon!

    3. Carolyn Reus said...

      Hi Mindy and l am glad you got your poem published! I think cats are the best mouse trappers, but no I don’t let my cat out to do this service. I wish you luck and getting the super to close any holes they might have access to.

      I’m not doing the turkey thing because I am vegan. I joined a vegan meet up last night.
      I do give thanks for everything I have including gifted poets like you!
      Have a wonderful day!

    4. Elizabeth, I usually catch the mice with American cheese, but this time I didn't have cheese and asked Bob to bring a bit. The cheese he used is spicy. Not sure if it caught anything because I try not to look and have remembered not to look, so I hope he gets up here soon to check. Thanks for shedding light for me on the hacker thing.

      Carolyn, thank you for the congrats. I've had cats, and they are so amazingly skillful and focused when they know there's a mouse. The problem is they want to show you their prize. I like the idea that the scent of a cat would prevent mice from entering. I tried to ignore the holiday today. The most Thanksgiving-y thing I did was write to my son. I give thanks most days for so many things. Your compliment made me teary. Thank you. And, glad you found a vegan group! That's great.

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