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  1. Irritating Demons

    Wednesday, October 6, 2021


    Days went by without seeing my little feline girlfriend, Mustache.  I wondered if they’d tell me if she had died.  I had gone in that store daily either to use the ATM (best priced in the area) or get toilet paper or something I needed in hopes of seeing her.  Then one day I was just walking past the store and saw her in there.  I went in just to visit with her.  She came right over and meowed telling me stuff.  I told her I missed her and was hoping to see her.  Her expression of love was more intense than usual.  I assumed she missed me too, and we were both saying (in different languages), “Where you been?!!?”  As I was leaving without her approval, she smacked my ankle with both paws.  I understood and bent down to give her more petting. 


    In a previous blog, I mentioned that there was more to the situation with me and Mustache.  Apparently the worker who cares for her – litter box cleaning, food, water – resents very much that she loves me.  Other customers often point out how she may like others but she loves me.  Some have said I should take her home.  I remind them that she lives and works there and isn’t up for adoption.  The man who takes care of her needs is also someone she is cautious of.  I have seen him pull her by her tail, toss empty boxes in her direction, and other stuff like that.  I then wonder why anyone is shocked at how much she loves me.  She can trust me!  He also used to let her go out and be impregnated over and over again so he could sell the kittens.  It took pressure from the customers for him to hear that she must be spayed.  Finally she is spayed.  About two years ago, I asked the man where the baby was, and that turned into an ugly interaction.  I was amazed.  He’s a worker there.  The other worker is nice, and the owner knows me for years, so I wasn’t going to end my relationship with Mustache because of the a-hole.  She deserves love and apparently needs it.  And loving her is a real pick-me-up in my day.  So fuck him.


    I have, since childhood, struggled with why some people dislike nice people.  I saw it in my extended family, and it didn’t make sense to me.  I experienced it at a job, and it didn’t make sense to me, especially because it was a field in the helping professions.  One day I saw this meme, and that made sense to me.



    On a happier note, mark your calendars – COMEDY SHOW! Friday, October 22, 8pm, The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue, City Island, The Bronx. $10 cover; no minimum; yes, contributions for the hilarious comics.  The line-up: Mindy Matijasevic, Pudge Fernandez, Jean Kim, and Linda San Lucas.  Laughter guaranteed!


    So much love to CGG-M 💕💕💕

    Mindy Matijasevic

    October 2021

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    1. You didn’t answer the question — Why don’t you take her home? Would you be willing to do that if it was ok with the store and the man who maltreats Mustache? It’s not as easy as people think to care for a cat and it’s expensive if you get them food and treats and vet attention. It’s a responsibility. I only got a cat by accident and I didn’t like it when people told me I should. And I didn’t replace him. But it was one of the most important relationships of my life.

    2. There are several reasons I don't have a cat or dog right now. One big one is financial if there's need for a vet. My apartment is not ready for another being though I am working on that. I am also concerned about my breathing issues. I had had 2 cats for many years (about 18) and then some years after, while raising my son, I had a dog for 15 years. I miss four-legged sincere love, but I'm not ready.

    3. Lisa Harmon said...
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    4. Lisa Harmon said...

      So glad you and Mustache bring each other a little happiness! Also, great lineup! Break a leg!

    5. How dare some people do what they do to animals? Yes, it's their inner demons that despise animals and people. I hear you on adopting a pet. It costs money to feed our 4-legged friends food that won't poison them, as well as provide vet care, toys, etc. EBT benefits only cover people food, not pet food. Some people are wondering why I don't have a cat by now. Until my job situation becomes steady, I will bring home a fur baby. Hugs to you and hope that you will be able to bring Mustache home in the near future. xoxoxo

    6. If people miss treat their fellow humans badly, what chance to animals have?

    7. Correction: If people treat their fellow humans badly, what chance do animals have?

    8. Pete Dolack said...

      The bodega next door to me once had a cat that really liked me. She'd meow for me to pet her anytime she saw me. One of the family members who then ran it even remarked to me how much the cat liked me. But, fortunately, as far I could see, the cat was well-treated. It is too bad you couldn't bring Mustache home, but I understand as I could not have taken Princess home with me had the situation been similar to yours.

    9. fred arcoleo said...

      I too am absolutely baffled by that unprovoked hostility some people seem to feel they have to display. It is certainly the underbelly of the human experience.... All the more reason for us to unify and collaborate to counteract those selfish, self-destructive tendencies.... Keep up the good work, Mindy!! :D

    10. Kathryn, Lisa, Patricia, Leighann, Pete, Fred, and Anne, I appreciate your comments very much. :-)

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