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  1. Men and Bugs

    Tuesday, August 17, 2021


    A few days ago, I awoke due to my bladder.  Opened my eyes and saw a dark moving thing on a box.  It was a water bug.  Before I could scream, the phone rang.  It was my closest friend who is a man and doesn’t share my hysteria.  I gave him a play-by-play as I picked up a fly swatter and smacked the water bug.  It landed on the floor.  It was on its back and struggling to live.  As it moved, I screamed while holding the phone and the swatter, “It’s trying to live!”  I felt so awful as I hit it again.  It shot across the floor near a pile of my poems.  It looked dead.  My friend and I hung up since I had to pee so badly. 


    When I returned from the bathroom, I didn’t see the corpse where I left it.  Now I was worried that it was crawling around somewhere.  I put on my sneakers and got dressed.  I decided I had to stomp and let creatures know I am the boss here.  Then I saw that water bug crawling again in my foyer near the bathroom.  I couldn’t believe how strong this thing is after being beaten.  I took a wine bottle and put it on the water bug.  The bottom of the bottle isn’t flat.  It curves up and makes an air bubble.  I then felt awful that the water bug was going to suffocate to death.  But I couldn’t deal with any other way of handling it.


    Later, I saw my buddy and updated him on the water bug situation.  He laughed and asked if it will stay under the bottle for a year now.  I said, “No. Just until you come up and get rid of it for me.”  He laughed and said that he will. 


    20 seconds and hilarious!

    Love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    August 2021

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    1. I have to confess I laughed out loud several times in the middle of your story - I really think this is a standup piece with blow by blow. Personally, I could never handle knowing a water bug was under my wine bottle - I’d have to get him - notice I said HIM - out of my place ASAP! Thanks for this laugh . - I really needed it!

    2. lolol I'm glad it made you laugh, and I'm glad it's not able to crawl around my apartment.

    3. funny as hell. Hate those critters!

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