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    Thursday, August 26, 2021


    If you’ve never heard of Dr. Ramani, you might want to check out her videos on youtube.  I knew of her for over a year but just began to listen to her videos.  A lot of clarity for free. 


    My buddy/brother, Bob, did come up and get rid of the water bug for me (for those of you who read my last blog


    I am happy to share that I had a very fun night with a friend and former co-worker, Steven, when we went to see a one-woman show at The Artist on City Island this past Saturday.  The show is definitely worth seeing, and The Artist plans to have the show again at some point.



    My friend didn’t realize that for me to get there meant 3 buses.  We agreed to meet there.  But the plus side of having to take 3 buses meant I was in air conditioning and where I cannot smoke.  The show did not disappoint.  I always am very curious how someone puts together a one-person show.  Mary Goggin did it successfully.  I’d like to be able to do that.


    After the show, Steven and I went to the bar nearby.  It was raining, so we couldn’t sit outside.  We had to be inside; again in a place I can’t smoke.  So each inconvenience actually turned out to be a positive.  I smoked less that day than I did in each of the prior 21 days.  When we were in the bar, I did step out a couple of times to have a few puffs, but, in total, that was a half of a cigarette.  This is still quite a struggle, so I am grateful for that day.


    My last update is I finally got a date of expected payment from the IRS.  Hallelujah!  I still can’t understand why it took so long.  But it’s not here yet, so I’m not considering it a done deal until I can pay my backed-up bills with it.





    My love to CGG-M ❤💕❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    August 2021



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    1. Unknown said...

      It was a terrific night hanging with you, Mindy, and I really enjoyed the one-woman show, there were quite a few moments I totally related to, almost like she was there with me or I with her....Next time we plan on City Island, I will pick you up, 3 busses are way too many...

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