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    Tuesday, March 9, 2021


    The more I watch Dateline, the more I am glad I’m not partnered up with anyone in any kind of romantic situation.  Lordy, Lordy.


    In terms of the pandemic, I’m not yet vaccinated.  I still don’t hug my friends.  It feels so strange.  When we can hug again, it is going to feel like sex.


    The positive news I have is I received a beautiful anthology, After the Clouds, the Sun, with two of my poems in it.  My poems are “Living in Peace” and “Rotary Phone.”

    Then I received a link to the online journal, Home Planet News.  I have four poems in there – “With women and children on the street …,” “Not For Me,” “’Wear a smile’, she said,” and “Hey.”

    I’ve done a significant amount of decluttering and that is always a good thing.  More is waiting for me.  I look forward to the day I am done with that. 


    In the past month and a half, three people sent me money, two stores extended me credit, and my long-time friend Judy gave me bags of food and household products.  “Food” includes wine.  I can’t even describe how I feel.  Grateful, blessed, and shocked begins it, I guess.

    Sometimes I watch youtube videos of things I’ve done to remind myself of things I’ve done.  This one was fun.  A stretch for me, since I was supposed to be a Dominican woman.  I don’t know that I was convincing of that, but my co-actor kept telling me that many American-born Latinas/os don’t speak Spanish well.  The best for me was when the writer was in the audience and told me she thought I did a great job.  The play was about her sister, and she felt I captured that character.  This video is the dress rehearsal, so it wasn’t filled with actual audience.  Still, I enjoyed watching it.  It’s less than ten minutes.





    Unconditional love to CGG-M!  ❤❤❤


    Mindy Matijasevic

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    1. Joe said...

      Great job, Carmen!

    2. Joe, so nice of you to take the time. Thank you.

    3. I see a new performance curtain rising for you Mindy! Well done.

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