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  1. T-Shirt Teaser

    Saturday, March 13, 2021


    I hope to soon be presenting to you my t-shirt line.  I have been planning too long and have to make it happen now.  I need to do something.  My friend and former co-worker, Kerstin, suggested I have matching mugs and sell as a set.  I may start with the shirts, but I really like her idea.  The line was inspired when a male told me I was a “selfish bitch.”  I’m so far from either of those things, but when some people don’t get what they want, they default to that view.


    Previously, a man in a double-parked car once yelled to me asking me the time (as if he couldn’t see the time on his dashboard somewhere).  I told him “I don’t know.”  Then he told me, “Come here.”  I’m sure my face looked like, “Get the fuck outta here.”  I kept walking.  He called me a bitch.  I yelled back, “You’re the bitch.”  A young man seeing this from his window laughed.  I walked more quickly.  That’s when it became so clear to me how people use the word.  Basically, if you don’t do what I say, and you are female, you are a bitch.  I wanted to wear a badge saying: Proud Bitch.  But since the word is interpreted so differently, I won’t wear such a badge.


    When I was growing up, “bitch” was a term used for a mean woman.  Then I  learned it meant a female dog.  Disturbing.  As an adult, I realized the word had become a synonym for woman.  Grrrr.  I don’t use it that way.  I don’t find it funny when comics call female paying customers “bitches.”  I still use the word for a mean woman.  One who truly earns it.


    My t-shirts shed a different light, and I hope I get it going very, very soon.  Stay tuned.




    Love always to CGG-M  ❤ ❤ ❤



    Mindy Matijasevic

  2. 4 comments:

    1. SGDA said...

      I got yer remote right here.... :)

    2. VERY exciting! Congratulations on this awesome idea, and fresh step.

    3. Melinda said...

      Way to go Mindy. FYI, you know I worked in construction for quite a few years. Last night I saw the move "North Country". If you'd like to know how it was for me back then and how IT STILL IS today, I suggest you see it on YouTube. Cried me a river for sure. Many people haven't a clue what it's like for a woman working in construction that JUST WANTS TO DO HER JOB. Happy you're going to work on that project. Looking forward to getting my T-shirt and Mug. Please try to get a good quality Mug. Lots of times if they are not of good quality...lead will seep out into the liquid. BUG HUG

    4. SGDA, you made me laugh. Thanks. Elizabeth, I so appreciate your enthusiastic encouragement. Thank you. Melinda, I'm not ready for a tearjerker movie, but I will definitely keep "North Country" in mind for the future. Thanks for the info on the mug quality. I think I'm going to have to start with just the shirts.

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