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  1. Gloved Love in the Neighborhood

    Sunday, February 21, 2021


    It had been quite a number of days since I had any time with my feline friend, Mustache, who lives in the discount store down 198th Street.  Today I went in there to use the ATM.  While waiting for the machine to process my request, someone was rubbing against my leg and saying “meow.” 

    “Mustache, it’s so nice to see you.  I’ve missed you.”

    After getting my cash, I bent down to give Mustache some petting.  She jumped up on some boxes.  “Yes, that makes it easier for me,” I told her.  She clearly had missed me too.

    One of the people in the store was telling me how much the cat loves me and that I should take her home.  This man tells me that whenever we are all in the store at the same time.  I always tell him that she’s not up for adoption, that she lives in the store.  This man is always trying to convince me that Mustache loves me and doesn’t act this way with anyone else.  I let him know that I know she loves me and that she knows I love her.  Another customer chimed in, “She gives the cat love.”  I nodded to her and we both smiled which is recognizable even with masks on.  It also struck me how much the woman didn’t find the love a mystery whereas the man always seems to sound like it’s unbelievable.

    So Mustache and I continued our affection session.  I had knit gloves on and wondered if that felt more like her cat mother to her.  And then the man told me that she caught a rat earlier.  “It was almost as big as the cat.”  I made gagging sounds.  He hurried to assure me that she caught it but didn’t eat it.  I shuddered anyway.  I continued to pet her and even told her, “You did your job.”  But I was so glad I had my gloves on the whole time. 

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    Mindy Matijasevic


  2. 7 comments:

    1. "You did your job, too." Loving cats is the best.

    2. So hopeful! When people see a love story, they root for it. Animals are the saving grace of this world.

    3. Melinda said...

      Animals are the best people :>). Glad you and Mustache were reunited.

    4. Unknown said...

      What a love!!
      It's an unspoken one....🥰🥰🥰

    5. I agree with each of your comments, and I appreciate the time you take to read and comment. I just wish I knew who "Unknown" is. If you don't have a Blogger account, include your name in the comment. :-)

    6. Lisa Harmon said...
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    7. Lisa Harmon said...

      I talk to the cats in the stores I frequent. They are friendly and so cute. Nice break in the middle of everything.

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