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  1. Peeking out of Hibernation

    Friday, February 19, 2021


    Hi people.  I went AWOL for a couple of months.  Hibernating in a way.  Thanks to many of you for checking in on me.  The holidays, the cold, and falling into a funk of sorts just had me feeling not very communicative.


    I’m dealing with health issues and lack of money.  Such fun.


    People from different areas of my life have been very generous to me.  In that way, I feel very, very lucky.   And I am very, very grateful.


    My most productivity is when I am decluttering in my apartment.  I’m just amazed at how much stuff is in here.  Unbelievable.  It feels good to fill garbage bags.  It also feels good to fill bags for the shelter in my neighborhood.


    I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life (including when nine months pregnant).  I think sitting way too much is a big factor.


    Some pandemic confessions:

            I am finding it easier and easier to be a hermit.  I rarely even return phone calls.

            I got hooked on a season of “The Bachelorette.”  I had never watched  it before.  Not my thing.  Yet I got hooked.

            Shamefully, I got interested in “The Bachelor” as well.

            One day I really sunk.  I couldn’t tolerate listening to Trump’s defense attorneys anymore, and I watched half of the Maury show.  Yeah, the “You ARE the father” show.  I was shocked at myself.  I haven’t done that again.


    I am soooooo looking forward to the relief check.  I need it just to catch up with some things and stock up on some things.  It’s not about a trip to Cancun for me.




    Much love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤


  2. 4 comments:

    1. Carolyn Reus said...

      That’s great about your decluttering! I am in a support group for this!
      You had a great story last week in our workshop. It was very real. You are right, it’s easier to stay home these days with the weather and less to do. At least now there is some dining.
      Take care, Carolyn

    2. Thank you, Carolyn, for the encouragement.

    3. J'Lake said...

      I'm with you on the coping skills. I've been watching old 70s and 80s TV. Whatever works. Stay warm, safe and sane.

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