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  1. Women with beautiful salt and pepper hair are glorious.
     Unapologetically jubuliant grey follicles declare confidence.

    Silver manes are evidence of life lessons learned. 

    Grey declares a wealth of wisdom only experience can bestow.


    I talk a good game.

     Truth be told Clairol has hidden my grey for years.

    With the notion to walk my talk, I stopped coloring my hair; but with every view of my tint-free, stark white roots I had to ask... 

    Was it years of chemical dye applied in a dark halo? 
    Were thick locs, I wore more than a decade ago, the culprit
    Who'd literally snatched my edges?
    It was
    Father Time
    He'd done the Nae Nae on my head and danced a Jig on my edges. 

    A dermatologist sold me tiny bottles of expensive minoxidyl, guaranteed to slow my hair's retreat. Complete disclosure: I also buy 4 pack toilet tissue touted to equal 22 rolls

    In spite of twice daily applications of the costly serum, hair on my head had the heft and weight of cotton candy. 

    Thinning hair is playing tic tac toe with my scalp and my scalp's winning! 
    Imagine my surprise when I noticed minoxidyl actually grew hair.
    On my face!!!
    Well the hair on my face did get me a callback for 
                                              The  Return Of Werewolf Woman

    Another unexpected upside?  I now have 
      Black Silky Baby Hairs!
    If a woman's hair is her crowning glory, a black woman's 'baby hairs" are the jewels in her crown. For the uninitiated, Andrea Aterbery in 12 Inspirational Ways to Style Your Baby Hairs informs. 

    "Traditionally black and Latina subcultures have been proudly rocking their baby hairs since birth. Baby hairs are those small, very fine, wispy hairs located around the edges of your hair. They can be long, short, or even curly, depending on your hair type and texture. Typically found on children (hence the word "baby"), they can also follow you into adulthood."

    Which brings me to my trauma. Reader beware. This does not end well.

    Folks know my regrets about my move from Bed-Stuy to South Bronx, include having NO preferred amenities nearby, like my bank, shoe repair, a good restaurant, or a clean reliable beauty salon.

    There's a grimy salon around the corner, that gives cold water pedicures. Need I say, I speak the 1st language of no one in the room? Want nuanced communication concerning your intimate beauty treatments? 
    Forget About It! 
    Unless it's an emergency- and it was. 
    I had to calm my eye brows down to Freda Khalo level stat. 
    Yes, I'm stuck on stupid. I asked for the full face wax. 

    I knew I was in trouble when I had to convince her to do me (so to speak) on a bed in a private room, not on a chair in the salon front window. It was much more painful than I remembered but my eye brows actually looked good. My face was on fire but my brows looked good though. 

    At home upon closer inspection of my stinging face, little bumpy patches roamed free range. To use an ancient term, "My brows were on fleek!" But where the fuck were my Lustrous Black Baby Hairs????!!!

    My forehead and entire right temple was waxed into oblivion. I'd reveled in newly grown baby hairs for all of 1day. I now had a black mangy crescent framing my thin white roots. Not a pretty picture. That's why I'm not posting it.

    What made me think she'd heed my 6 caveats to "Don't touch my hairline."? 
    Did I mention I'm stuck on stupid? 

    Warning: When I have a different hairstyle EVERY time you see me, don't ask me, "Is that your hair?" Yes it is & I have the receipts!

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    1. what an adventure. oy oy oy. frankly, i can picture you many ways, and you'd look good no matter -- okay, not the werewolf look. sorry for all the aggravation.

    2. Joel NYC said...

      Beauty is truly priceless, or so they say.

    3. When I decided to stop coloring my hair, I felt like one of the astronauts on the way to the moon. It was scary, but I thought, if I get there and I like it, I'm gonna stay there a while and enjoy it! That was 8 years ago. Rhonda go for it. You are a beautiful, intelligent woman, worthy of your silver crown! Love you. :)

    4. Lisa Harmon said...

      Hahahahaha baby hairs! I do not have any but I know they are treasured by the lucky few that have them! So sorry for your experience!

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