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    Monday, April 23, 2018

    Since I last delivered here at She So Funny, I served two days of jury duty in Bronx Criminal Court.  I am relieved that I wasn’t even considered for a case.  I can do without hearing about horror day after day.  I rarely can make it through a whole newscast.  I spent most of the jury duty days napping in the chair.  I had no idea how tired I am, or how much I just have to be unconscious and dreaming.  I slept, was awoken for lunch, after lunch came back and slept some more.  Brought a book and never read one page.  I think the folks at my job felt my absence.  Someone had to substitute for my first math class of this cycle.  He was good, so I felt okay about who was going to sub.  I knew my students would have a worthwhile experience.  But it is an inconvenience to the program when someone is out.  It’s not bad for people to miss my presence.  And it surely was a luxury to sleep.

    Some of you know I have been a part of Lehman Stages’ “Bronx Tales” (a 
    storytelling event) at the Lovinger Theatre on the campus of Lehman College for the past two years.  It was an annual production, but the director, Dante Albertie, loves it and wants to increase it to twice a year.  The video of the last production is now available to view.  They are all Bronx stories -- from the young Indian woman who lived and experienced rejection in so many parts of the world, then landed in the Bronx where she finally felt at home to me telling the story of when my best friend and I were stopped by the police in front of my building on the Grand Concourse.  These are Bronx stories.

    I have set the video to start at my story for those of you who may not 
    have the time to watch the entire video.

    It was extra special for me since my best friend was in the audience along 
    with a very nice woman he’s seeing.

    Aside from all that, I have to say that Dante Albertie is one of my three 
    favorite directors I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.  I wish more were like him.  And it would be so wonderful if someone could provide an opportunity that would change my financial reality. 

    This Wednesday the 25th, I will be doing stand-up comedy in the Funny 
    Underground Comedy Show.  The tickets are currently discounted.  $7 on line and $10 at the door.  There is even a special going on (I don’t know for how long) where if you get the $10 ticket, you can bring a guest for free!  Sounds good to me.  Mid-week laughs at 7pm.  It would be great to see you.  I promise to tickle your funny bone.

    With appreciation, Mindy

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