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  1. Off Stage and On Stage

    Friday, March 16, 2018

    When I’m not performing as a comic, actress, poet, or prose writer, I teach adults who need their basic education for any number of reasons.  I also do administrative work, along with a whole team, to keep the program alive, running, and worth attending. 

    A program I work for held an event on Tuesday, March 13th that I had a large part in planning.  We had a 5-student panel mix of current students and alumni who have gone on to college, some master’s degrees and one expecting her PhD at the end of 2018.  Three teachers also were videotaped talking about adult basic education.  A professional video editor agreed to work on our video as a gift.  Okay, he is married to one of the three teachers in the video.  But he still did it as a gift to us.  That is William Hohauser.  I recommend him big time!  He knew exactly what to ask me (which were many questions) in order to be able to make decisions while turning a 20-minute conversation into a 6-minute video.  I’m sharing it here.  If you love it as I do (or even like it), please spread it around.  Click on the title below.

    It's Never Too Late

    Now, those who want to see/hear my funny, this is what’s lined up so far:

    Wednesday, April 25th and Saturday, May 26th 7pm – The Funny Underground Comedy Krew (F.U.C.K. show) – Broadway Comedy Club, 53rd St near 8th Avenue.

    Hope to see you there.  

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    1. I like the title of the video and I used to teach adults in the night school at Baruch, so I understand some of the issues, though that was 20 years ago. Unfortunately, due to the sluggish Internet at my home, I cannot view the whole video now. But saw the opening and it looks professional and you look great with your hair down, plus: sound professional. Will try again ...

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