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  1. Sometimes We Get What We Need

    Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    I admit, I’m happy we have a snow day.  Teachers are usually as glad as students for a snow day.  The bad part is it was the last math class of this cycle.  (We have three cycles per school year.)  So the timing isn’t great, but a snow day nevertheless.

    My best bud came with me to the doctor yesterday.  I have a lot of 
    trouble getting to medical appointments because in that regard, I’m a baby.  Just knowing he was coming with me made me feel a lot calmer.  Plus my doctor seemed to be more accepting of my way of being.  Maybe he is getting sensitivity training, and maybe I’m growing my courage. 

    My buddy and I then went to his house, and he cooked a healthy 
    vegetarian dinner for us.  I felt so grateful for all the nurturing.  Then I received a text from a student asking if there would be school today.  I called the college, and the recording said they’d be closed on Wednesday, 3/21.  Snow day!  Snow day!

    To top it off, I didn’t have to wait for the bus to go home.  My buddy was 
    heading out, so he drove me home.  A car ride typically feels like a treat to me.

    When I get through a stressful situation, I tend to feel it is a Friday 
    night even when it isn’t.  But with the snow day today, last night did feel like a Friday night.  I bought a bottle of wine and continued to feel grateful.

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