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  1. Wanna Hear Something Funny?

    Tuesday, March 6, 2018

    Wanna Hear Something Funny?

    Come on out to the Funny Underground Comedy Krew (F.U.C.K.) show on Friday evening.  I’m sure you’ll hear much funny.  The producer, Aaron Smith, was smart enough to double the estrogen in the show.  At first I was it, but he since added Nichole Spain.  Looking forward.  Okay, the men are funny too.  

    Tickets cost less on line and a bit more at the door.

    Any fine artist out there looking to hire a portrait model?  Any writer out 
    there needing a pair of keen eyes to proofread your manuscript?  Need a loving person to walk your dog or feed your cat?  Want to hire a not-your-typical comic?  Willing to pay for me to give a poetry reading?  Have an acting role for me to try out for?  If you need someone to do an odd or one-time job, talk to me.  I need to eat.  I helped a friend scrub some stuff a couple of weeks ago for some cash.  I also enjoyed an opportunity to pet her cats.  So talk to me whatever the task might be. 

    Nothing sexual is for sale.  I know most of my readers wouldn’t think that 
    it is, but some people hear what they need to hear.  And some hear with a different organ than their ears.

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